Justine Hofherr is the primary tech reporter for Built In Boston, the online community for Boston startups and tech companies. She covers all news related to startups, venture capital and tech in Boston. 

Prior to this role, Justine was a staff writer at Boston.com, where she spent two years covering all things related to the job market, including emerging job trends, the economy, and office culture for the Greater Boston area. 

In that role, she wrote about labor laws and hiring trends in health and technology, in addition to profiling some fascinating people like the CEO of Dunkin’ Donuts and the founders of Downeast Cider House company.  She attended rallies in Chinatown where displaced residents picketed against big-time developers, and watched cybersecurity experts fight foreign hackers in the offices of Cambridge’s cloud services provider Akamai

Prior to working at Boston.com, Justine earned her master's degree in journalism at Boston University ('15) while writing and editing for BU News Service and teaching a Communication 101 course. Living in Boston afforded her many new experiences, including attending her first Boston Marathon, watching a Red Sox game, and eating an oyster.

Justine graduated from the University of Delaware in 2013 with a bachelor's degree in English literature and minors in history and journalism. She was the executive editor of her university's independent, student-run weekly newspaper The Review, and would not take back a single sleepless night. 

People are her favorite thing to write about — their joys, sorrows, and frustrations — but she also loves covering science and the environment, technology, culture, food, travel and health, among other topics. A good story is a good story.  

When she's not writing, Justine enjoys reading everything she can get her hands on and adding to her ever-expanding book collection. She's been told she's horrible at sports, but loves running, hiking and practicing yoga.